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About Sue King

I am a contemporary textile artist living in Lancaster, Ohio. I grew up on a small farm in Central Ohio. Relatives on both sides of my family are artistic and include self-taught painters, wood carvers, furniture makers, and my mother who sewed and knitted beautiful clothing. As a child she taught me to embroider and later to sew. I have always loved the beauty and textural quality of fabric. About thirty years ago I began making quilts that relied on traditional patterns and colorways, but became bored with the repetitive quality of the endeavor. My current work is much more personal. A love of travel is reflected in my art, which often focuses on the natural world or the joyful memory of a journey taken. My interest in history and old photographs has compelled me to engage in figurative and portrait work. My pieces often have a playful, naive quality that features brilliantly colored fabrics collected on my travels.

Employed as a clinical social worker, I utilize art as a way to maintain professional balance and embrace the positive aspects of life. I am a member of Studio Art Quilt Associates, Common Threads Quilt Guild, and Southern Ohio Women Artists. My two cats, Clara and Emmy keep me company in the studio. When not working in the studio I can be found hiking, gardening, bicycling, reading or enjoying a good cup of coffee with friends or family.
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